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About Me:

Call me MR, all my friends do.


I'm a freelance stage manger for live performance. How did we get here? To be completely honest, as a child I was kind of obnoxious in my pursuit for a story, and that never really went away. I love stories, I love people, I'm detail oriented, and I'm great at making paperwork, so stage management was always inevitable for me. While I love all the parts of putting a production together, I am at my best when I'm calling a show. I love getting to do what I do; I want to find joy in every step of the creative process and create a positive working environment for everyone.

I have a passion for telling stories that stimulate discussion, change perspectives, and enrich communities. There is nothing more rewarding than collaborating with a group of artists to tell stories that ask audiences to reexamine previously held beliefs, and have conversations that extend beyond the walls of the theater. I find I learn a little more about what kind of theatre maker I hope to be with each new production. 

A quick word on my core values:

My work in in various communities has given me an appreciation of diverse identities, cultures and ideas. My commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in theatre is grounded in my belief that storytelling creates empathy and broadens minds; storytelling is how we discover and explore human identities. Representation is crucial to how people perceive themselves and their capabilities, so it’s important to properly represent the various stories that make up our communities. When theatre makers demand inclusion, we expand our ability to understand others and foster community. 

Black Lives Matter. 

BIPOC, AAPI, and Latine stories matter.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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